[2015] Corey Jenkins (Thursday 302 02): The Roaring 20s

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Social Studies
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[2015] Corey Jenkins (Thursday 302 02): The Roaring 20s

Objective:Students will learn about social, political, and cultural change in the United States during the 1920s.

Louis Armstrong (Instructional/Skills)

The Roaring 20s!

Inventions in the 1920s(Instructional)

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Women's Suffrage (Instructional)

Purpose:It's important to know about the rich history that emerged from the 1920s. In order for us to understand where we are as a society today, we need to understand what steps were taken in order to get here.

Stock Market Crash (Instructional)

Once you have reviewed all of the information, click below to test your knowledge!



Assessment: Students will gather information from the sources below and use that knowledge to make their own poster! You can design your own poster about something or someone from the 1920s (concert poster, political poster, etc.) Students may use their own choice of design programs


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