The roaring 1920's

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The roaring 1920's

The Roaring 20's

Political-18th ammendment leagalized prohibition which banned alcohol. This was undone with the 21st ammentment- In 1928 Herbert Hoover was elected president (see picture below)

Social- Jazz music was a big part of the roaring 20's - Flappers were the "bad" girls of the 20's. They were considered a new scandelous fashion for the 20's.

Intellectual- The Scopes trial was for a man (Scopes)who beleived in evolution.- Langston Hughes was a black american poet.

Area- Charles lindburgh was the first person to fly across the atlantic. He was nicknamed Lucky Lindy.- The great migration moved people from the south to the north.

Herbert Hoover

Religious- The Ku Klux Klan or the KKK wanted to get rid of catholics- Alfred Smith was the first catholic elected as governor of NY

Economic- The Assembly Line made things cheaper and could be produced at a faster rate-Speakeasy was an underground secret bar that brought money in flow for criminal acts.



Langston Hughes


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