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The Road

The RoadBy: Cormac McCarthy

The Road Clean Slate, Loud, Realistic, Terrifyiong, Emotional, Adventure.

Setting: The story takes place after an unspecified extinction event leading to the journey of the Man and his Son. "They pushed on together with the tarp pulled over them. The wet gray flakes twisting and falling out of nothing. Gray slush by the roadside. Black water running from under the sodden drifts of ash. No more balefires on the distant ridges." "McCarthy pg.14" The majoriy of the tale is on a long winding road leading the two to the sea where they believe it will be better for them throughout the harsh winter's to come. On The Road the family finds sevral houses, but only one place has food, and not just some food, enough food for both of them for a long time. Sadly this home becomes dangerouse when they hear people outside and have to leave. On The Road again the boys continue on their journey to the sea where they meet several strangers along the way. Finally to the sea and its not what they expected.

Man- The main character in th story doesnt have a name but his personality and character are enough. The man is strong willed, sad, and remorsful for the loss of his wife. He is also practical and resourcful in order to protect his son and help them on thier journey. He looks like a strange middle aged man with no hope of redemption for his past sins. He is weak and frail because of their lack of food for so long. But throughout the story he gets weaker and more frail because of their long journey, and his harsh cough that lasts through the story."He was beginning to think that death was finally upon them and that they should find a place to hide where they would not be found." Pg.109Son- The son is a very pathetic character, as he was born after the events leading to the worlds suffering were not as impactful. He always wants to help others in need but doesn't want to belive that most people are bad, and will do anything to save themselves. His strong will, like his father, almost gets them killed when the boy throws a tantrum because his father killed the man about to kill him with a knife. These tantrums happen several times throughout the story becasue the boy doesn't want to believe that the world is not a safe place, and the boy he saw was an imagination. The son is small and frail for the same reasons as his father, no food. His personality is much like his body, pathetic and frail. "They're going to kill those people, arent they?...Why do they have to do that?...Are they going to eat them?...And we couldnt help them because then they'd eat us too." Pg.107Stranger- The stranger is a sad and remorsful older man with little to show fo his accomplishments. All he wishes to do is see his son again and continue to survive. "An old man, small and bent. He carried on his back an old army ruck-sack with a blanket roll tied across the top of it and he tapped along with a peeled stick for a cane." Pg.136

In the end of the story the boy and his father make it to the sea just as they had planed. The only problem with the sea is that it's not as they had expected. At the very end of the book the boy has not learned to take care of himself as the father was trying to teach him all along, luckly the boy finds someone who can take care of him, and the boy leaves with his new caregivers.



Meghan ThompsonMrs. ThalerHonors English 2 Pr7December 4th, 2015

Connections:The Road and The Walking Dead are similar in their play on emotions, and their views of the cities once their left by the people. The two stories are similar becasue in The Road the Son and Man are traveling to find whatevers left and a better place. In The Walking Dead the group of people wish to find others, and a safe place to not just live but thrive in thier new world. In The Road the two main characters are starving, cold, and alone.

ReviewThe Road by Cormac McCarthy is grey. All of the characters are morbid, grey, and lifeless. Nothing around them is happy, or green. The main character lives in a life of despare. Mr.McCarthy's writing style adds to the feeling of grayness through his use of imagry '' Nights dark beyond darkness and the days more grey each one than what had gone before. Like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming away the world.'' Pg.3 This book which is written like a movie might be watched, is dull like the characters themselves. The main character known to the reader as the Man is older with a lack of life experiances to guid him in teaching his son, and aid them in their journey to come. The Road while popularly recieved was difficlut to understand, not easy to read, and as bleak as the setting described. The symbolism of both the road itself and the title ''The Road'' should aleart the reader that he will embark on a journey as dull and grey as the one endure by the Man and his Son. The title acuratley predicts a journey that seems unending, where the main exitment is the unending walking of the road.


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