The Road To The Civil War

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The Road To The Civil War

Bleeding Kansas - 1854Local armed conflicts that set the stage for the Civil War

John Brown's Raid - 1859Brown attemtped a slave revolt and only angered the South more

Dred Scott v. Sanford - 1857Court case that decided that Scott was not free and was returned to his late owner's wife

Kansas-Nebraska Act - 1854Kansas and Nebraska were granted statehood, slavery decided by popular sovereignty

Abraham Lincoln's Election - 1860South thought the Lincoln wanted their slaves, led to secession of South

Uncle's Tom Cabin - 1852A novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe that showed how slaves were treated in the South

Mexican War1846-1848Small war, caused more arguments about slavery and the annexation of Texas

Compromise of 1820Maine became a free state and Missouri became a slave state, set slavery boundaries at the 36'30 paralell

Compromise of 1850Composed of Fugitive Slave Act, California being a free state, and the division of Texas, failed in Congress

Sumner Affair - 1856Sumner was attacked by Brooks over the issue of slavery, violence escalated to an extreme high

The Road To The Civil WarBy Tucker Smith


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