The Road to Revolution

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The Road to Revolution

The colonies were on the road to revolution because of the unfair problems being created by Great Britain from the years of 1764-1774. Some of these problems included the Navigation Acts, The French and Indian War, the Stamp Act, the Tea act, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Coercive/Intolerable Acts. The colonists did not like this unfairness, leading them to revolt.

Boston MassacreThe Boston Massacre was in 1770 when a fight broke out among a coloinst and a British soilder. The soilder hit the kid on the head and a fight broke out. Many shots were fired resulting with the instant deaths of three people and the later deaths of two more people.

Navigation Acts

The navigation acts were a system of acts that the British parliament passed to limit the trade in thecolonies. This forbade the colonists to trade such things as sugar and cotton with any other country but England. England even began to put taxes onthe items that came through English ports. Manytraders chose smuggling over trade with England.

Stamp ActThe stamp act was an act that said that colonists had to pay for a stamp or seal whenever they had bought a paper item. Those who didn't pay for the stamp could be fined or send to jail. In 1766, a group of merchants added on to the numerous amount of complaints about the Stamp act and repealed the act.


The Road to Revolution

The French & Indian War

The French and Indian War began when tension started to rise between the New England colonies and the Wampanoag. The real war began in 1754 with the defeat of George Washington. The war went on for many years before it was finally ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

Coercive/Intolerable ActsThe Coercive/Intolerable acts were a result of the Boston Tea Party. Britain had retaliated by closing the Boston harbour until the tea the colonists ruined was paid for and if a Royal official was accused of a crime, they were sent to Britain for trial. Britain thought this was going to bring order to the colonists, but it only angered them more.

Boston Tea PartyThe Boston Tea Party was an event when colonists dressed as Native Americans snuck on board a British ship holding English tea crates and dumped them all into Boston harbour. The amount of tea was worth one million dollars in modern day money. This resulted in the Intolerable acts.

The French And Indian War

Boston Tea Party

Boston Massacre


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