The Road to Revolution

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The Road to Revolution

The Road To Revolution

The EnlightenmentThe Enlightenment took place in the 1700's. It sperad the idea that reason and logic could improve the society, and formed ideas about how the government should work. Some of the Enlightenment thinkers also beleived that there was a special contract between the government and the citizens.

Stamp ActThe British government was continuing to search for new ways to tax the American colonists, so they started the Stamp Act. The Stamp act is when the colonists are required to pay for an official stamp or seal when they bring paper items with them, and for the colonists who refused to buy them were force to go to jail or be fined.

The French and Indian WarDuring the French and Indian War, A Wampangolo leader named King Philip's opposed the colonists' efforts to take peopls lands. When that happened, a war started called King Philip's war between the Colonial Militia Civilizations searving as soldiers who fought the American indian worriors.

The Great AwakeningThe Great Awakening is a religious movement that swept through colonies in 1730s and 1740s. The Great Awakening also affected social and political life, and brought different regions, classes, and races . People demanded more political equality due to the Great Awakening.

Boston MasscarOn March 5, 1770, a British soldier had an argument with a colonist and struck him. When that happened a crowd of many people surrounded him and started throwing snowballs at him. Soon after that some other soldiers showed up and a crowd formed around them, naming that tragedy the Boston Masscar.

Tea ActThe tea act is a British East Company that sells tea directly to the colonists. The Tea Act was one of the townshend acts that got to stay when they reduced the tension between the colonists and that parliament by taking away all of the townshend acts instead of tea and tax.

Boston Tea PartyThe British East India had three ships filled with tea and headed off to Boston Harber in 1773, But when they got there the Sons Of Liberty demanded that they go back. So, on December 16, 1773, the colonists dressed up as the indians and dumped over 340 chests filled with tea into the Boston Harber,and that's how it was named The Boston Tea Party.

Intolerable ActsAfter the colonists had dumped over 340 chests filled with tea on the Boston Harber, Lord North was furious. So, the Parlament decided to punish Boston by making laws called the Intolerable Acts. The acts included, Boston Harber was closed until they paid for the tea, Massachusett's charter was cancled, and Royal officials occused of crime were sent to Britian for trial.

OverviewThe colonists are on the road to revolution because the colonists felt that Great Britian are not treatng them fairly. After the french and Indin War was over, Great Britian didn't want anynore conflict with the Indians, so they ordered the colonists not to move into the Ohio River Vally.


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