The Road Revolution

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The Road Revolution

The Road Revolution

The Stamp Act In 1765 The stamp act the british used licences, and colonial paper products, colonists had reacted by a series of resolutions is published staing that the stamp act violates the rights of colonist.

1764 here

The Boston Massacre In 1770 the boston macssacre the british solders fire into crowd of colonists,killing five men. The colonists protect and bring the soldiers to trial.

The Boston Tea Party In 1773 the boston tea party,the tea act passed, making British tea chepper than colonial tea.Colonists protect by dumping shipments of britsh tea into boston harbor.






The Sugar Act In 1764 the sugar act was used to raise moeny from the colonies for britain.A colonist samuel adams founds th commites of Correspondence to improve communication among the colonies.

The Intolerable Acts In 1774 the boston Harbor is closed, and British troops are quartered and the colonists's resentment toward Britain builds and that was called The Intolerable Acts.

Into the road of revolution there were many conflicts betrween the britsh and the colonists. The british faght for them in war but they went in dbt and so they decided to tax the the colonist but the colonist did not like it so they started all kinds of acts.


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