The RMS Titanic

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The RMS Titanic

One the night of April 15 1912 the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg in the north Atlanic Ocean. After a while it sank and took lots of people with it. over 2,000 people died and only 705 of those people survived the crash.

Construction:The RMS Titanic took three years to build with about 3,000 workes building the ship Everyone called the ship "unsinkable" because the ship had more lifeboats then the law demanded, that made the people feel safe. The construction of the ship cost $ 7.5 million dollars. The ship was 883 ft long, 92 ft wide, And 59 ft high. The ship was the most luxurious ship, even the third class people had heated cabins. The Titanic had a heated pool, elevators, libraries, restarants, Grand Stair Case, And a smoking room. It was a very luxurios ocean liner.

Rescued:After waiting for two long hours the Carpathia finally came to rescue them. They threw a rope ladder down and the people climbed up it. There were some people who died during the night, but the other people took them with the ship so they could bury them when they get home. Some of the people that were on the Carpathia were very nice and let the Titanic survivors go in their cabins. The Carpathia crew brought food for the survivors and warm tea because they had frostbite on their feet and other places. Once the Carpathia arrived on land lots of people went to see if their loved ones survived the crash. Only some were happy, most were crying and when the last person on the Carpathia got of the ship. Many people realized that their family or friends didn’t survive the crash. Many of the Titanic passengers that survived the crash committed suicide because it was too much to bear. Others made lawsuits because the RMS Titanic wasn’t supposed to sink. And other people just let it be and some of those people were in depression. Many people tried to find the Titanic but no one could, but after many years they finally did. The ship was so deep in the water, and that’s why it was hard to find. After they found the Titanic they also found other stuff like passenger’s belongings, a chandelier, plates and spoons, and lots more. Now lots of people throw flowers in the water, for the memories of the people who died on the Titanic. We will always remember the RMS Titanic and everyone that was on it.

Sinking:2 hours after the collision with the iceberg the RMS Titanic was sinking. At around 2:20 the Titanic's bow went down first, then the water entered from the hole that the iceberg caused. After that the Titanic sank bow first, the the hull broke in half and many people jumped out of the ship for their dear lives. And finally, it sank into the ocean with lots of screams that followed the Titanic down the water. Some people said that the water felt like thousands of knives stabbing your body. All the people that were in on the lifeboats were terrified because they knew that some of the people that were screaming were their family. They sat in silence and waited until the ship Carpathia to rescued them.

The words of the Titanic survivers

The RMS Titanic

The RMS Titanic

The Titanic's route

Captain Edward John Smith

Collision with the Iceburg:It was a dark and moonless night, The ocean was calm, not a wave to be seen. It was a degree above freezing. There were lots of stars in the sky and everyone was enjoying their day by dancing, singing, and laughing. The Titanic crew got lots of icewarnings but they did not worry about them to much. After a while the crew got one more and this iceberg was nearby. They gave the warning to Captain Edward John Smith and he put it in his pocket but he never read the warning.At 11:20 there was a bump only some people felt it but nobody was frightened by the bump. Some people ran up to the deck to see what happend and what happend was...............The Titanic struck an Iceberg.

Evacation:When the Captain of the Titanic told the passengers to get on the lifeboats not that many people took him seriously but when they saw that the Titanic was sinking they started to panic. The Captain made and rule that the women and children got into the lifebats first so that they got into the lifeboats safely. The men had to help put them in the lifeboats but some men broke the law and climbed in when nobody was looking. Women cried, babies cried it was a horrifing night. There was women running with their kids for safety. Some women or kids got left behind because nobody saw them so the went down with the ship. Eveyone was trying to get to safety but not all of them survived because there was more people than there was lifeboats.

Cool Fact:Did you know that cholcolate inventer Milton Hershey and his wife booked a trip on the Titanic but had to cancel the trip last minute.

The RMS Titanic underwater


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