The River Ganges

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The River Ganges

The River Ganges

The River Ganges is threatened by different kinds of pollution. Sewage is a problem and large amounts of chemicals are dumped into the river by leather industries. Water withdrawal is also a serious threat. Sewage: Two thirds of the sewage generated in 118 towns located around the River Ganges is dumped into the river untreated. In total, the towns generate a whopping 3636 MLD (million litres a day). Chemicals: Chromium and other chemicals are dumped into the River Ganges by leather industries. The chemical pollution of the River Ganges is 3000x the limit suggested as safe. Water Withdrawal:Over extraction of water from the River Ganges for agricultural usage is a serious problem. Over extraction can also affect the water quality of the River Ganges. Untreated sewage dumped into the River Ganges pollutes the river heavily. Chemicals dumped by leather industries is a problem. Over extraction of water for agricultural use is also a major threat to the River Ganges.

The human uses of the River Ganges are religious importance, agriculture and water supply. Religious Purposes: The River Ganges is a river that is considered to be holy amongst Indians. Although the river is polluted, Indians believe it is the purest water in the world. Bathing in the river is said to remove one’s sins. Holy men also drink the water. Agriculture: The high oxygen content and fertile soil from the River Ganges is favourable for the farming population of India. Agriculture of major part of India and livelihood of the surrounding people rely on River Ganges. Water Supply: The River Ganges is not only used for religious purposes, but also for water supply. People living near the River Ganges receive their water from the river itself; purified-of course!The human uses of the River Ganges are religious purposes, agricultural uses, and for supplying water to citizens living near the river.

The River Ganges dolphins are exposed to poaching, when trapped above dams. They are threatened to pollution when they are trapped below dams. They are also threatened by increased fishing activities. Poaching:The River Ganges Dolphins are exposed to poaching when they are trapped above dams. While they are trapped, poachers hunt them usually for their flesh and oil. Heavy Pollution:Dolphins that are trapped below dams are threatened by heavy pollution. The population of the River Ganges dolphin has decreased due to the River Ganges’ dangerously high pollution levels. Fishing:The River Ganges dolphins are threatened by fishing, for fishing competitions or other reasons. In addition to that, the food that the River Ganges dolphin eats also gets fished out of the river. The River Ganges Dolphins are threatened by poaching, heavy pollution and increased fishing activities. The River Ganges dolphin has been officially declared as an endangered species by the IUCN.

The length of the river Ganges is 2507km (1557.7mi) and the basin size is 1,016,124 kilometres squared. The River Ganges is the 33rd longest river in the world.

The major differences between the Murray-Darling river and the River Ganges is the location, the population of their areas and the pollution levels in the rivers. Location: The Murray-Darling river is located in Australia whereas the Ganges river goes through India, Nepal and China. The length of the Murray-Darling river is longer than that of the River Ganges. Population: The Murray-Darling river is located in one of the least populous areas in the world whereas the River Ganges is located in one of the most populous areas in the world. Pollution:The Murray-Darling river is not highly polluted whereas the River Ganges’ chemical pollution levels are 3000x over the limit suggested as safe. Also in the river Ganges,118 towns dump two thirds of their sewage into the river untreated. From this information, we can speculate a main difference between these two rivers that the River Ganges is quite different from the Murray-Darling river.

Human Uses of the River Ganges

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Major differences between the River Ganges and the Murray-Darling River

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