[2014] Hallie Conrad (Anne Frank Book Clubs): The River Between Us

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[2014] Hallie Conrad (Anne Frank Book Clubs): The River Between Us

Summary In The River Between Us, the Pruitt family is struggling to make ends meet, while the only male left in their family was eager to go and fight in the war. One day, a beautiful lady named Delphine and a mysterious girl by the name of Calinda arrive at Grand Tower. The Pruitts take them in, and their lives forever change because of this. Noah falls in love with Delphine, and secretly one night goes out to war. Mama is devasted by this, and so she sends Tilly and Delphine to find him. Cass becomes depressed, even though she becomes great friends, almost like sisters, with Calinda who have much in common. The two women arrive in Cairo and eventually find Noah in one of the camps sick. They heal him and let him fight one more battle. He comes back injured, so he was released. Delphine and Tilly take him home, but they find out Mama commited suicide from grief of her husband's passing, and the belief that Noah died as well.

The River Between Usby Richard Peck

Medication Tilly and Delphine brought to the army

Noah Pruitt - amputee after fighting war

Hallie ConradPeriod 4 - 5/13/14

The Pruitts lived in Grand Tower,North of the Mississippi River.

Tilly PruittSister to Cass and Noah, and daughter to Mama, Tilly Pruitt helped her family survive while their Papa was in battle. In the story, she changes as a person drastically because of the unexpected visit of Delphine and Calinda.

Delphine DuvalUnbeknownst to the Pruitts, she is sister to Calinda. The two passengers arrive at Grand Tower to find a safe place for their Southern family to live since the Confederates were losing the war. She falls in love with Noah Pruitt.

ClimaxI believe the Climax of this book was when Papa arrives home in a coffin, and Mama throws herself in the river. It was also surprising to find out the Papa was fighting for the South in the Confederacy. I didn't suspect either, although Calinda's tarot card reading of a coffin explains Papa's death.

Setting This story takes place in Grand Tower, on the free side of the Mississippi River. Most of it takes place on the Devil's Backbone where the Pruitt's live. It also is in Cairo where Noah and the 41st Infantry are camped, and Delphine and Tilly nursed the sick soldiers.


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