The Rithmatist

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The Rithmatist

The Rithmatist

Brandon Sanderson

Joel is often found sneaking into rithmatist lectures.Rithmatists can create magical chalk drawings that are controlled by the artist and can attack other chalk drawings called chalklings. When the rithmatists are ready, they are sent to Nebrask to fight wild chalklings, two dimensional creatures that crawl onto people and eat the flesh from their bones.

The Rithmatist is a fantasy book set in a paralell world where the United States has been split up into islands and is now called the United Isles. The main character, Joel, lives and attends at a college for the rithmatists and the rich. The story is told in third person, and follows the adventure of a dead chalkmaker's son in the college only because his father knew the principal of the college very closely, and wants to be, but can't be, a rithmatist.

Unfortunately, Joel's life get's flipped upside down when the main protaganist, attacks various students, kidnapping them and leaving bloody trails in their wake. Joel is assigned to take investigate, the dissapearances, along with an elderly proffesor, and a girl named Melody.

The investigation gets closer with every new clue uncovered, and pretty soon Joel and Melody are facing the villain in dark hallway, with the odds against them.Very little information is given about the protaganist, since it is a series, and the author doesn't want to give away information about the enemy.

Normal chalklings

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wild chalklings

Joel is liked by most characters in the book, Melody, the rithmatist would probably describe him as pessimistic and afraid to make any mistake. Probably because melody is the exact opposite, carefree and usually outgoing, she has little concern for rithmatics and schoolwork, so naturally she thinks that someone who cares about schoolwork is obsessed with it. Proffessor Fitch, who supervises the investigation would probably say that Joel is too facinated with rithmatics, because in the book it is usually the case that non rithmatists have no interest in rithmatics.

One message I took from the book, is actually a quote from the book, when Joel is convincing Fitch to teach him about rithmatics:"there are critics of music who don't play an instrument,"Joel said."And historians don't have to be the type that make history."

I thought that this message is important because it's basically saying, you don't have to be born a certain way to do something, or be chosen by someone to understand something, you are who you chose to be, and no matter what other people think of you, you can always follow your goals and dreams.


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