The Rise of The Man of Steel

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The Rise of The Man of Steel

The Rise of The Man Of Steel

Corey O'Neill

Stalin grew up poor and was an only child.As a teenager, he would secretly read the work of German social philosopher and “Communist Manifesto” author Karl Marx. During his teenage years, he became interested in the revolutionary movement against the Russian monarchy.

After he left school, Joseph Stalin became a underground political protester. Stalin often participated in strikes and joined the Bolsheviks, a political party led by Vladimir Lenin. Stalin would often envolve himself in criminal activity and would even rob banks to help fund the Bolsheviks.

During the years of when the Soviet Union was founded, Lenin began to quickly move up the party's 1922 he became secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

While secretary general, Stalin was able to appoint government jobs to allies and grow political support. After Lenin died in 1924, Stalin became the leader of Communist Party. By the late 1920's he had become the leader of the Soviet Union.

Stalin took a totalitarian approach and eliminated anyone who opposed him. Stalin ruled by terror and expanded the power of secret police to find out who opposed him. He encouraged citizens to spy on one another and would have traitors sent to Gulags. The Gulags were forced labor camps and caused the death of millions.

As leader, Stalin believed the government should control the economy. He also attempted to make the government in control of agriculture and ordered the murder of any farmer who refused to give up his or her land.

Vladimir Lenin, above, appointed Joseph Stalin to serve on the first Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party. Three years after this, the Bolsheviks came into power.In 1922, the Soviet Union was founded and Lenin was its first leader.

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