Rise of Hitler & Nazi Germany

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World War II

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 Rise of Hitler & Nazi Germany

The Rise of Hitler & Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler

Germany's Condition before WWII

The Treaty of Versailles, war debts and reparations took away territory and goods from Germany after World War I. Along with this, hyperinflation combined with the effects of the Depression undermined the stability of the German economy, wiping out the personal savings of the middle class and spurring massive unemployment. The German people sought change and solution to their problems during these critical times.

Altogether, this made the country weak and Hitler seemed like a last hope for Germany. Hitler had two significant ideas that helped launch him into power. He had the Treaty of Versailles to blame for the economy and he had a plan for a swift economic recovery. To all Germans, he promised to restore German honor by tearing up the hated Treaty of Versailles and by making Germany great again.

President Paul von Hindenburg appoints Hitler as Chancellor of Germany

Mein Kampf (German for: My Struggle) was an autobiographical and political manifesto written by Adolf Hitler. It is in Mein Kampf that the true nature of Hitler’s character is discovered and clearly defines the Nazi ideology.

The Nazi Party

Nazi Germany under Hitler's dictatorship

Nazi Propaganda

By: Thomas Carabuena


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