The Rise of Adolf Hitler

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The Rise of Adolf Hitler

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

By: Travis Feather

Adolf Hitler was a great public speaker. He had the power to make people support him. He made promises to people that they simply couldn't refuse. Hitler persuaded the Germans that the Jews were to blame and that he was their last hope. Adolf Hitler was a wonderful organiser and politician and that is why he rose to power.

The Nazi Storm Troopers attacked Hitler's opponents. They terrorized the people who did not support Hitler. The storm troopers killed and beat anyone who stood in their's or Hitler's way. They murdered anyone who opposed Hitler.

Hitler gained power when he became chancellor. Hindenburg and Papen needed the Nazis on their side so they offered Hitler the position. They thought they could control Hitler but they were wrong. After Hitler became chancellor, he set out to make himself absolute ruler of Germany and he did just that. Hitler did not take power, he was simply given it.

Hitler gained lots of support by making promises to the German people. Wealthy businessmen and industrialists gave Hitler money to run his propaganda and election campaigns. When people come out to support someone, that person is usually going to rise to power. Hitler had all the support from the German people. He was a devious but smart man.


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