The Rise and Fall of The Nazis

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Rise and Fall of The Nazis

The Rise and Fall of The Nazis

After World War I, Germany was economically and physically ravaged. The citizens wanted change. Adolf Hitler promised to fix this.He became dictator and tried to purify Germany with the Holocaust.This had triggered World War II.

The Great War


End of WWI

In the 1930's an economic disaster called the Great Depression spread worldwide.this hit Germany very hard.Hitler promised to make Germany a great country again.

When Hitler rose to power,it was revealed he was a Nazi.He hated Jews and sent them to concentration camps,where they were killed or forced to work.This had angered the Allies and this started WWII.

After D-day, a huge and bloody battle, was over, the allies had won the war. There was celebration on the streets. The reign of the Nazis was over. Hitler had comitted suicide.

During WWII,fascist Italy and imperial Japan joined Germany in their cause.It is likely that the Japanese were treated poorly by the racist Germans.

The Germans were a strong force against the allies, especially because they had Italy and Japan on their side.

World War I was tragic because of the violent trench warfare.Hitler had been a decorated veteran.The allies won,ruining Germany.


The Great Depression


Beginning of WWII



D-Day Takes Place

End of WWII

Prime of WWII


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