The Right to Education

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The Right to Education

All students living in the United States have a right to free public education.-According to The Constitution education is equal no matter: -Race -Religion -Gender -Wealth -Citizenship -The Supreme Court case "Brown v. The Board of Education" in 1954 helped to stop racial segregation in public schools.

The Right to Education


Haiti lacks a strong education system, which was made worse after the famous earthquake in January 2010 devastated the country.-adults have received on average less than 5 yrs of education and only 29% attended secondary school-most schools have minimal government funding, instructors without qualifications, and are relatively expensive


-US 2012 Graduation rates: -86% of caucasians -88% of Asians -73% of Hispanics -68% of black students-2012/13 student to teacher ratio was 15.9:1-the US ranks 14th in the world in education attainment

The Right to Education states..."Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory...and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit." (Article 26 of Human Rights)

By Tara O'Shea and Katie Meade

-400,00 children still do not have access to education-more than 80% of primary schools are privately managed-a generation of Haiti youth is at risk for not learning the knowledge to help their country develop

Infographic Source: Mission of Hope Haiti, 2015


  • ochen18 6 years ago

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    I really like how the USA and Haiti are compared and contrasted clearly.
    You might want to include some more visuals, instead of just graphs and text. For example, I think a short and concise video would be really helpful.

  • jstanton18 6 years ago

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    1) I liked your images and statistics. It makes you argument stronger.
    2) Why does this topic interest you?
    3) Try and add why they are not successful and why they were successful

  • brendatgumbs30561e9a869b1ad7 4 months ago

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