The Ride Together

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The Ride Together

TheRideTogetherbyJudy Karasik&Paul Karasik



How can I understand him?

It was my fault. I should have gotten him what we both knew he expected and needed (139)

David deserved to have a family, just like the rest of us (81)

"The problem, then, has been to find a program which could adequately serve David's 'dual handicaps', when in fact no such programs have existed"-David's discharge letter

"The parts of his brain are the same-it's the way they're connected that's different."I stopped arguing. There were times when I could almost see the gears in David's head spinning... (35)

He talked about it just like we did. Not with our tone of voice, but he said the same words and they meant the same thing. He took it as well as any of us (166)

He knew how people without autism looked at people with autism (151)

Suddenly I wondered what it would be like to come home to a place where anything that went wrong could always be your fault...(80)