The Rhino

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The Rhino

Physical Features-grey in color-6 feet tall from shoulders to feet-weighs up to 6,000 pounds-lie in mus to repel insects-most have two horns, sometimes three-four legs-large feet

Habitat-lives in Africa off the coast of Atlantic Ocean-ranges from savanas to dense forests-lives in both tropical and subtropical regions

What the Future Holds-future doesn't look so good-the rhino is critically endangered-96% of Africa's remaining rhino's were killed-in 2010, 333 rhinos were killed in one day in South Africa

What You Can Do-adopt a stuffed rhino to donate money and save the rhino-educate more people and make them more aware to dangers

The RhinoBy Niko Coclin

Problem Development-horns in high demand by poachers: jewelry, medicinal uses-poaching reached record levels in the last five years-trend started in 1970, continues today

What's Being Done to Help-effort to save since 1995-population increased by 2,470 rhinos in 15 years-made it illegal to kill them or trade body parts-zoo keepers shoot them with tranquilizing dart, tie them to a helicopter, and bring them to zoos


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