The Rewards of Reading

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The Rewards of Reading

The Rewards of Reading!

#1 Reward

Develop Verbal Abilities!Research shows that children that were read to understand more world and can use more words.

#5 Reward

#3 Reward

Enjoy the Arts and Improve the World"NEA study showed that people who read for pleasure are more likely to visit museums attned concerts and almost three times as as likely to perform volunteer and charity work." -Whytoread

Improves Your Focus and ConcentrationWith incorperating reading into the cirriculum, students averaged 84% correct compared to 65% with no intervention.

#9 RewardAllows You to Discover and Create Yourself

#4 RewardImproves ImaginationThose that read tend to daydream more and, therefore, be more creative!

#2 Reward

#7 RewardIt Reduces Stress"Mindlab International at the University of Sussex showed that reading reduces silently for six minutes to slow down the heart rate and ease tension in the muscles"- Whytoread

"Reading a book reducded stress levesl by 68% as oppose to listening to music where stress was reduced by 61%, having a cup of tea or coffee reduced it by 54%, and a walk reduced it by 42%!"-Reading 'can help reduce stress'

#10 RewardGreat for Entertainment

Makes You Interesting And AttractiveResearch shows it's easier to hold indepth conversations, and "engage with a wider variety of people"-Whytoread

Makes You Smarter"Heavy readers tend to displyay a greater knowledge of how things work and who or what people were."- "What Reading Does for the Mind"

#8 RewardIt Improves Your Memory"Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain, Maryanne Wolf explained they have more time to think... there's a unique pause button for comprehension and insight"-Whytoread

#6 Reward

While reading we develope "our consciousness and heal our pain...With the endless amount of perspectives and lives.... books give us an opportunity to have experiences that we haven't had the opportunity to and to learn life skills"- Whytoread, Harold Bloom, How to Read and Why

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