The Revolutionary Wars

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The Revolutionary Wars

The Revolutionary Wars

This timeline explains when and where the wars happened

Time Line

The Battle of Bunker Hill

This battke actually took place mostly on Breeds Hill. It is only called the battle of Bunker Hill because the army thought they were on Bunker Hill.

The Battle of Saratoga

The Battle of Long Island



June 17th1775

September 191777

January 31777

August 271776


~Washington fired the first shot.~British were led by General John Burgoyne.~American were led by Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold.

~ Was fought between British and American troops~ The Americans were led by General George Washington. British were led by General Howe.~The British won.

Around 226 british died over 800 were wounded

The British won

~The war took place in Princeton,New Jersey.~Americans were led by George Washington.~British were led by Charles Cornwalls.~Americans won but lost 40 soldiers including many officers.

~General Nathaneal Greene is leading America~On October 19,1781 General Cornwalls signed the British surrender called Articles of Capitulation.


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