The Revolutionary War

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The Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War

This timeline traces the events leading up to the beginning of the war, the major events during the war, and the events that led to the British surrender.

Time Line

April 51764

The Sugar Act

This was yet another tax from Britian designed to offset their massive debt. It imposed a tax on everything and anything that had to do with paper.

This Act led to the beginning of the real revolt against te British. It was not a tax, but rather an attempt to bolster the East India Trading Company. The colonists refused to let the British unload the tea at the Boston Harbor.

The Intolerable Acts were a series of acts passed bt the British as punishment for the Boston Tea Party. They took away Massachusett's self-governing rights. They were a direct cause of the war.

The Boston Tea Party was an openly defiant act against the British. The colonists would no longer succumb to British rule.

Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty led a group of colonists disguised as Native Americans to the Boston Harbor. There, they threw chests of tea into the Harbor.

The Sugar Act was a modification of the Molasses Act. It reduced the tax in half, but affected more goods. The British increased their eforts to collect the tax, in order to help fund the war.

March 261765

The Stamp Act

December 161773

The Boston Tea Party

May 101773

March 31-June 221774

The Tea Act

The Intolerable Acts


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