The Revolutionary War

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The Revolutionary War

The United States Of America

The RevolutionaryWar

The Revolutionary War was started when Parliament started to tax the 13 Colonies after the French and Indian War to pay the debts of the War.

Thomas Jefferson was the youngest but one of the wisest and best writers to the Constition he had writen the earlier drafts that were aproved by congress he later became the 3rd president of the United States.

The United States Of America

The Sons of Liberty was lead by diffrent leaders one of the strongest leaders was Samuel Adams he lead the Sons in protests such as the famous Boston Tea Party.

At the time King George the III was king he was smart but not as smart as the Americans he thought that he could tax the Colonists with out them having in say in Parliment.

There were many battles fought such as Bunker Hill, Lexington and Concord fought by minutemen, and York Town one of the most famous.

John Adams was one of the first presidential lawyers , also part of the Continental Congress and a writer of the Constition and later became the 2nd president of the United states.

George Washington had been famous during the French and Indian and became General during the revolutionary War he later became the first president of the United states.

Benjamin Franklin was a famous inventor in 1700 he also wrote almanacs and other writing pieces he helped write the Constition.

Founding Fathers or Important People

So are you a Loyalist (person who repects king),Patriot (person who doesn't respect the king), or a nuetralist (person who does both)?


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