The Results

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The Results

The Results

Mars Facts * Mars has a very thin atmosphere. * Martian soil is called regolith, and it is made of loose soil, dust and rock. * The soil was formed by the erosion of rocks. * There are no mountains on Mars because there are no plate tectonics! * The largest crater on Mars is called Hellas Planitia. * The highest mountain in the solar system is on Mars. It is named Olympus Mons.

We have designed a robot, researched the future habitat of Mars, and learned lots of information about the red planet and why we want to travel there.

The photo above is Olympus Mons, the highest mountain in the solar system.

Above are photos of Martian rocks. The Rover will drill core samples into some of them.

I'm Hellas Planitia, the largest crater on Mars!



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