The Republic of Panama

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The Republic of Panama

2 historical figures in Panama are Rodrigo de Bastidas and Mireya Moscoso. Bastidas came to Panama in search of gold after sailing westward from Venezuela in 1501. Moscoso becomes Panama’s first woman president in 1999. Panama gainedits independence from Spain on November 28th 1821. The current president is Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal. The only war that has involved Panama is The United States Invasion Of Panama. In 1989, US President George Bush orders the US army to invade Panama.

Panama's flag was adopted in 1903 on the 20th of December. The flag is made up of 4 equal rectangles. Blue represents the conservative. Red represents liberals and the blood of those who lost their lives for their country. White represents peace. The blue star represents civic virtues of purity and honesty and the red star represents authority and law.

Blue also represents the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans. The blue star represents civic virtues of purity and honesty and the red star represents authority and law.

The Republic of Panama



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Important Places and Monuments

Casco Viejo is a hitoric district of Panama that was partly destroyed in the US Invasion of Panama. Casco Viejo is now a tourist attractions where original masterpieces and architecture are displayed at the many museums. Other famous monuments include statues of Basco Nunzen de Balboa. He is important because his face is on currency of Panama and he was the first european to cross America.

The terrain of Panama is mostly steep with rugged mountains, coastal areas and hills. The highest point is Volcan de Chiriquiat 3,475 m and the lowest point is The Pacific Ocean at 0 m.

National Emblems:The national flower of Panama is The Flower of the Holy Spirit. The national animal of Panama is The Harpy Eagle.

Natural Resources:Panama has many natural resources such as copper, mahogany forests and hydropower. The largest exports are bananas, shrimp, sugar, coffee and clothing.

Famous People of Panama:2 famous people from Panama are:1) Ruben Blades. Blades is a singer, songwriter and actor who is probably Panama's most famous singer.2) Brooke Alfaro. Alfaro is a painter who has been the most famous of painter's in the last 10 years.

5 Words in Spanish:Volcan- volcanoBlanco- cigaretteFlower of Holy Spirit- flor del espíritu santoHarpy Eagle- águila arpíaMountains- montanas


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