The Republic of Ireland

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The Republic of Ireland

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The Republic ofIreland.The Republic of Ireland.

Famous Irish MusiciansU2: It’s the most popular rock group from Ireland. They are from Dublin. The band consists of Bono (the singer) and three musicians. They have got many albums. The band is active in human rights, international development and social justice causes. The Chieftains: They are a band of Irish traditional music. It consists of six members. Each one plays a traditional Irish instrument and Paddy Maloney is the band's leader and composes or arranges most of the band's music. This group has got many Grammy awards and it’s got many albums as well.The Corrs are a Celtic folk-rock group from Dundalk (Ireland). The members of the the band are members of the same family, one brother and three sisters. They have had numerous number one singles and albums all over the world.

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The game of Hurling is Ireland’s national sport and passion.It is played with a ball and sticks and it has prehistoric origins. When it is played by women it is called Camogie.

Ireland is an island divided into two parts: The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.The Republic of Ireland is an independent country. Dublin is the capital city. Shannon is the longest river. Carrountoohill is the highest mountain. In Ireland, there are lovely rivers, hills, green fields and lakesIreland has two official languages: English and Irish (or Gaelic ). You might hear someone say “Erin go bragh” on St. Patrick’s Day, which is Gaelic for “Ireland forever.”


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