The Renaissance

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European history

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The Renaissance

The Renaissance

Was an accomplished painter, sculptor and architec, He was another master of the High Renaissance. He was driven by his desire to create, he worked with a great passion and energy on remarkable number of projects.

Often called the father of the Italian Renassance He did a humanist emphasis on using pure classical latin as well he used 2 roman writers as models

Francesco Petrarch


Leonardo da vinci was declared as the model "Renassance man"He was also an artist Scientists, inventor and visonary

Leonardo di vinci

Michelango buonarritu

He painted alot of Fresco's he also did alot of paintings over perspective. He could create an illusian in thee dimensions leading to a new realistc style

Was a German printer.started a revolution with printing presses.Printing presses multiplied the effects on European life. Printing books encouraged schools

Filippo Brunelleschi

He was an architec, engineer,sculpture, mathematics, engineering and he even did ship desings.He also desinged a gothic church

Dante wrote his masterpice "The Divine comedy" in the dialect of his natic florence "The divide comedy: is a long poem describing the souls journey


Johannes Gutenberg


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