The Renaissance

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The Renaissance

The Renaissance

The renaissance was the rebirth of Europe.

Francesco Petrarch

He helped vernacular literature get popular. He wrote a long poem called "Divine Comedy" in the dialect of his native Florence, then bacame Latin.

He developed a method of printing using blocks of movable type set on a mchanical press. The printing of books encourage people to read and gain more knowledge.

His Frescos were the first masterpiece in the renaissance. He made his art look 3 dimensional on 2 dimensional surfaces.

Was often called the father of Italian Renaissance humanism. Described the intellectual life as one of solitude.

Johannes Gutenberg

Tomasso Di Giovanni

Filippo Brunelleschi

Humanism Humanism was the outlook, embodied in the intellectual movement. Humanism celebrated the extraorninary individual. The goal was to educate a person.

Dante Alighieri

Using his mathmatical and artistic skills he came up with a way of building a Dome. He found the principles of linear perspective construction.

He was an artist, scientist, inventor, and visionary. Leonardo da Vinci painted the picture of Mona Lisa.

He was a painter, sulptor, and architect. His sculptures and paintings depict an ideal type of human being with perfect proportions.

Leonardo da Vinci



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