The Renaissance

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Social Studies
European history

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The Renaissance

Began in Italy1300-1600"rebirth of arts and learning"

The Renaissance

Leonardo Da VinciHe was a leading artist and intellectual of the Italian Renaissance. He was known for the "Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper"He was an amazing artist

Lorenzo GhibertiItalian sculptorCathedral in Florence (Gate of Paradise-1425-1452)He was the first to use bronze in the church and for its doorsHe also used stained glass in his art.He mentored Donatello and other great artists.

Henry VIIIHe was king of England and IrelandHe was the first English monarch to be educated under the influence of the RenaissanceHe established the church of England

Francis DrakeEnglish AdmiralHe helped defeat the Spanish ArmadaHe obtained a privateer's commission from Queen Elizabeth

Thomas Tallis Composer of English sacred musicMost famous compositions was the 40-voice Spem in aliumHe composed four different languagesHe was an Organist

John DowlandHe was an English composerHe was one of the highest paid court servants while in the service of Christian VHe complied three books of Ayres


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