The Renaissance

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The Renaissance

Causes of the Renaissance

Some important stuff...

The Renaissance

The European Renaissance

The Renaissance is one of the most fascinating periods in history! It was the time Europe commenced to escaped the dark ages.

->Started in Florence, Italy. It then later on spread to other city states.-->The Renaisssance was a result of Italy spending its wealth to fund artists and geniuses.-->Around the 1300s, people started thinking differently about life; this was known as humanism which was a major contribution to the Renaissance.-->Knowledge and cultural development was a very significant highlight during this period.--> Lasted between 14th and 17th century.

Decline of Feudalism - Due to development in commerce and trade, middle class people and business men including craftsmen came into power

Decline of Church - King Phillip IV arrested the Pope; this led to people losing faith in church, allowing them to focus on present life rather than life after death

Printing Press and Paper - discovered in 1454. Knowledge could spread easier than before, because the church could no longer disapprove of any data or audience it was reaching.

Crusades - This took place between 1095 and 1291. After the crusades, european people came in contact with the people of east. As a result they came back to europe with scientific books, arabic numerals, marine compass, etc.

Scientific discoveries - Scientific inventions became the rise of the renaissance and the fall of superstition in Europe. The world was proven round and sun the centre of the earth. This helped to achieve the attitude of humanism which was the soul of the renaissance.

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