The Renaissance

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The Renaissance

The Renaissaince


"The Mona Lisa" - Leonardo da Vinci(Leonardo)

Leonardo da Vinci- Created the paintings "The Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper"- His notebooks had detailed information on anatomy, botmony, and other sciences, inventions, etc. that helped advance the world's knowledge of these subjects- Created blueprints to a "flying machine"(Leonardo)

Literature of the Renaissance- Machiavelli wrote "The Prince" - a story that talked about leadership and power- Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, 5 long narrative poems, and 154 sonnets- Cervantes wrote "Don Quixote" - a view into the Middle Ages-Dante wrote "Divine Comedy" - a poem explaining how the midevil church's teachings saw the after life(Renaissance)Many of the works mentioned above were and still are highly praised. They helped shape literature and they are still read or performed today.(Renaissance)

The Scientific Revolution of the Renaissance- Encouraged people to study and evaluate the world around them- Gutenberg created the first movable printing press- Copernicus - Developed a theory that the universe was heliocentric (revolved around the sun)- Galileo - Invented a telescope to prove Copernicus' theory true- Newton - Developed the law of gravity- Descartes - Said that people can use reason to understand the world around them and not just follow what the church says.-Printing press lead to more people becoming literate(History)

"The Vitruvian Man"- Leonardo da Vinci



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