The Renaissance Explorers

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The Renaissance Explorers

Marco Polo wrote books and journals during his journeys. Marco Polo was born in 1254 with rich people. He went to China for 17 years and wrote a book called "ll Milione," or the Million Lies. He was mainly know for that because he described what China was like but not all of what he saw. After Marco Polo died (which was in 1324 at the age of 60) his book became famous. Many sailors included Chistopher Columbas used his book to travel.

Defintion of Renaissance:The rebirth or revival, e.g. of culture,skills or learning forgotten or previously ignored.

The Renaissance Explorers

And now the Explores of the Renaissance

How Renaissance Started

Nearly at the end of the 14th century, some random Italin thinkers said that therw should be an end to the middle ages and a rebirth in the country. Thats when the renaissance was born. They changed a lot about there culture.

Christopher Columbus was exploring for Spain and was born in Spain. Christopher Columbus was born on October 31,1451 in Genoa,Italy. Columbus wanted to discover many places and things. He first went to sea as a teenager. During his voyage to try to get to the back part of Asia (which was really was America) he almost died because while sailing his ship was attacked by a French troop and Christopher C. had to swim to shore. Later he found a sponsor and sailed to the New World. He claimed Bahamas and took 7 different voyages back to Asia and the New World. Later he died.

Ferdinand Magellan was desribed as the best explore ever in the renaissance age.Magellan was born in 1480. As a kid he always studied map making and and navigation. When Magellan was in his mid-20s he started sailing.While in Moracco, he was wounded and for the rest of his life he walked with a limp. During a war, Magellon was killed. Ferdinand was inspred by Columbas and Balboa and he also inspired many other people.

Ferdinand Magellan

Christopher Columbus

Marco Polo

Many explores used magnetic compasses which was invented in the 12th century. Maps also were used a lot and people with jobs as cartographers would make maps and get good information from the explores. Almost all of the Renaissance Explores used ships that were big and called galleons. Theese big ships were used for trade and exploration. These ships were powered by sail.

A video for you about Magellan


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