The religion of Hinduism

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The religion of Hinduism

The religion of HinduismSacha Rocco 7B

How do Hindus WorshipHindus worship in public by praying and performing rituals in temples. Some Hindus prefer devotion privately at home. It is common for a Hindu to choose a personal god, to honor their god they offer food, gifts, and prayers at a home altar. A Hindus love for the god brings their soul closer to brahman.

OriginsAs the Aryan culture began to mix with the Indian culture, new ideas and beliefs became part of the Vedas.

Main teachingHinduism teaches that there is more than one way to discover the truth, It allows people to worship in many different ways

Main FestivalsFor the new year celebration, Diwali, they exchange gifts, they light ceremonial lamps and light fireworks to scare away the souls of the dead

PilgrimagesThe word Pilgram means a foreigner traveling to a country they don't know. Usually the Hindus travel to the banks of the Ganges river.

Main teachings 2Hinduism has 3 religious texts, one is the Upanishads. It means "sitting near the teacher". Reincarnation is important because it's when they live again, to get out of the system of reincarnation you must live a perfect live and then you may join brahman.

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80 percent of India's population is Hinduism

The god Brahman

1. What are the origins of Hinduism?2. What are the main teachings?3. How do Hindus worship?4. What are the main Festivals?5. Where do Hindus go on Pilgrimages?

Main teachings 3It also teaches them non-violence. It teaches different types of yoga like physical yoga, yoga of knowledge and selfless yoga, selfless yoga is when you give to the poor. And by honoring a amin god the yoga of devotion.

Main teachings 4Hindus are polytheistic, they beleive in many gods, like Shiva, Ganesh and Brahman

The Caste System


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