The Reggio Emilia Appraoch- Madeline Jensen

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The Reggio Emilia Appraoch- Madeline Jensen

The Reggio Emilia Approach: an in-depth look at the curriculum

Child Centered Learning based on Inquiry & Discovery; Children can learn through multiple expressions

By, Madeline Jensen

Emergent Curriculum:-Teaching & learning requires teachers to observe and listen to children-Projects act as backbone of student/teacher learning-Long term projects based on student interest connects core academics-Time spent is influenced by student interest & experiences drawn from their lives & backgrounds-There is a balance of inside/outside/indidividual/small/whole group activities

Main Points of Reggio:-Children viewed as competent, curious & full of potential!-Environment plays a vital role, often called "the third teacher."-Project/exploration based-Interests/experiences of children play large role in planning & supporting-Collaboration & Cooperation intentional; entire system work designed to interact as connected family

"Cycle of Inquiry": teachers partner with students to exchange theories, ideas, & hypotheses (can assess further, look for strengths, challenges, work more closely with English Language Learners

Role of the Teacher: Atelierista (studio teacher)-Studio: an intentional area with a variety of open ended materials/choices to explore thinking/concepts-Record observations & reflect on developmentally appropriate practices to expand potentials -Observe through photo, video, transripts/notes, & visual mediums (paint, clay, projects, etc.)-Organize & plan environment intentionally

Children from diverse backgrounds/ELLs are able to benefit equally devlopmentally & are exposed to myriad language opportunities through exploration & collaboration

More information: (research, activities, news)Reggio (events, about, video, publications)Other Sources:What is the Reggio Emilia Approach. (n.d.). . Retrieved June 3, 2014, from



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