The Red River Resistance

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The Red River Resistance

Here is a picture of Fort Garry in the early 1870s.It had developed under the protection of the Hudson's Bay Company


What Was the Red River Resistance The Red River Resistance started in October, 1869. Hudson's Bay Company, Britian, and Canada had a plan to transfer their region to Canada without consulting the people of Red River, but the people of Red River began to resist their plan. In April 1869, Canada had an agreement with Hudsons Bay Company and Britian to take over Ruperts Land and British-claimed territories in the north west. Canada's government paid the HBC 300,000 Euros (which is about 1.5 million today). Few of the many people living in Rupert's land were actually consulted about this agreement. Canada intended their settlement to which the Metis would have little say, the Metis wanted to have say in there future.☻

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What Triggered the Red River Resistance The Red River Resistance was triggered in December 1869, when crops had failed, and the buffalo were declining. In April of 1869 the HBC, Britain, Canada had settled to transfer Ruperts land to Canada. It was to take place later that year. In July 1869The surveyors began to measure the land into sections that would push the fur trade. In October of 1869 Metis leader Louis Riel stopped the surveyors from crossing his cousin's farm. Next month William McDougall, and offcial of Canada's government tried to enter Rupert's land. Canada made William McDougall lieutenant-governor of the territory, Canada wanted him in Red River before the tranfer took place.. Some Metis Volunteers built a blockade and stopped William McDougall. After that the Metis took control of Fort Garry. The HBC did not resist thr taking of the fort, this took place without any trouble or any shots fired.

The Metis flag is an infinite symbol representing the FN and European cultures in a new society that lasts forever

This is a picture of the Red River settlement in the early 1870s. Please click on it to see it in a bigger form.

Who were the people of the Red River The fertile land atrracted many people to the Red River settlement. The Anglophone Metis people, Francophone Metis people, Candiens, retired British HBC employees, and Scottish and Irish colonists. By 1869 the majority of people living at Red River were Metis because the HBC transferred Ruperts land and the northwest to Canada. Half of the total population spoke French, and about half spoke english.

Fun Fact:There is four names of the Red River Resistance, which are, Red River Resistance, Red River Rebelllion, and another is Red River Uprising

Louis Riel was abig part in the Red River Resistance. He was the Metis leader On October 16th, he organized a group called the "Metis National Commiitee"

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