The Red Pyramid

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The Red Pyramid

Ruby Kane is Carter and Sadie's mom who dies at Cleopatra's Needle trying to seal away the chaos snake Apophis.

Sadie and Carter find out they are the most powerful god's in a long time. They have to protect their world of magic, but also they want to save their father Julius. They need to learn the old ways of magic in order to defeat "Set" the Egyptian God of Chaos. They fight a long and hard battle between Set and Dejardians. In the end the over power Set and learn the old ways to teach the other Gods and Goddess out there. They never fully get their father back because he chose to stay with his wife in the "Land of the Dead".

The Red Pyramid By: Rick Riordan

Main Characters:Carter Kane, Ruby Kane, Sadie Kane, Julius Kane, Amos Kane, Zia Rashid, and Bast



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