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This book was stupendous! Rick Riordan does it again!! Every moment was shocking full of humor, magic and more..... Sadie and Carter make great characters replacing Percy and Annabeth in their great quest to stop something more powerful than the Demon Days. This book was just intriguing wanting to read more and more after every page of adventure. I would recomend this book to every fan of the Percy Jackson Series because it fills you with mystery and anxiety. I like this book because, first I love ancient mythology especially from Egypt. Second, because Rick Riordan makes you hold your breath until the end with the new discoveries on every page. I would like to read other books from this author because Rick Riordan has a great capacity and gift to write books about ancient mythology. One of his books is from the Series The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones! I also can't wait for the New Series of The Heroes of Olymus: The Lost Hero also written by Rick Riordan. I think The Red Pyramid with Sadie and Carter is a great start to this wonderful and eager series. THE KANE CHRONICLES!!!

Main Characters: Carter Kane Sadie Kane Muffin a.k.a. BastCharacters: Dr. Julius Kane Zia Rashid Khufu Amos Kane Chief Lector Iskander Michel Desjardins Face of Horror Sekhmet Ruby Kane The Gods And Godesses: Thoth Set Isis Osiris Nut Geb Horus Nephthys Serqet Anubis Sobek

PLOT Dr. Julius, Sadie and Carter Kane go to a trip to the British Musuem. There Dr.Julius asks the tour guide to show him the Rosetta Stone. Sadie and Carter lock up the guide and go back to thier father finding a glowing blue light around him. Julius not only broke the relic into pieces but unleashed the gods and godesses of the Demon Days. There, Set sends Julius in a coffin and disapears. Sadie and Carter layed their unconscious not knowing what was going on. Sadie and Carter with the help of their uncle Amos go on a journey trying to save their father. Along their way they encounter many surprise like their cat being a godess, Bast They meet Zia and the Chief Lector who are very useful mentors. Sadie and Carter are surprised at their discoveries because they realize that Sadie has the spirit of Isis, Carter the spirit of Horus, Amos the spirit of Set, their father Julius the spirit of Osiris and Zia the spirit of Nephthys. Their journey turns out to be a repeat of an old event when Set vanished Osiris of the face of the earth and Isis and Horus are looking for him. Nephthys, the wife of Set, betrays him and helps Isis and Horus. At the end after many struggles, one of them losing Bast, Sadie and Carter defeat Set and let the gods go so they can get stronger to fight against something more powerful than them: the old serpent god, Apophis. Even though Sadie and Carter were dissapointed they didn't save their father from the hands of death they were proud for helping their pals, Isis and Horus. Horus, Isis and Osiris were thankful because the 2 siblings helped restore Maat. Sadie and Carter recieved their gift which was new clothes, a talk with their parents and their good old friend back, Bast. They put their necklaces of the gods in thier imaginary locker (combination 13/32/33) for good. THE END!!!!!

SETTING British Muesuem in London, England New York City, United States Ruins of Heliopolis, (Under Cairo Airport) Cairo, Eygpt Hal of Judgement; New Orleans, Louisiana Memphis, Tennessee Washington Mounument; Washington D.C. Phoenix, Arizona

By:Rick Riordan

Read this awesome book!!!!!!


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