The Red Kangaroo

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The Red Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo

The Red KangarooThe Red Kangaroo is an amazing Australian Animal. It can hop, skip and jump over almost anything and has the ability to change when they are pregnant, and has many interesting features. GrowthWhen the Female kangaroo gives birth to her joey, it only is the size of a jellybean. The first seconds of its life are vital. If this joey cannot climb up to the mothers pouch in time for the female to realise it is there, it will fall of and die. If it makes it into the pouch, it will start to drink the milk from the mothers teat and will grow quite dramatically from there. The next 235 days are crucial to the joey's growth. It spends these days in the pouch, growing the major features we know as eyes, claws, paws and many more. Once it is out of the pouch, the joey is about the size that you would normally expect for a joey. The next 4 months the joey still drinks milk from the mother’s teat until it is completely independent. Over the next 4-6 years it will continue to grow and, if it is a female, will be able to have a joey of her own and the growth cycle will start again. Reproduction The female red kangaroo can become pregnant at the age of 5. Only 33 days after mating, the female gives birth. When the joey has almost left the pouch, the female can mate and once the baby has left the pouch, she can give birth to another joey, The most amazing thing about the reproduction stage it that the female can postpone her pregnancy until when the land is ready to support a baby joey. So when the land is hot and dry, the female can stop giving birth for up to 5 months until the land is futile for the baby's needs. When the baby is born and still drinking the milk, she can change the mixtures of milk in the different teats to suit the joey’s needs. If she has another joey that is out of the pouch, she puts more fat into the milk so the baby can put of more weight, and the little joey can have, so to speak, skim milk, so it can grow without getting to heavy for the mother. Once the younger joey is out of the pouch, she would have another joey in her pouch and the cycle begins again. MovementAll species of kangaroos have an amazing way to move around. They hop around the landscape of Australia in great leaps and bounds. Their spring-like legs allow them to jump as long as 12m! Their powerful legs are only one of the ways that they can get them around. Without another part of the body, the kangaroo wouldn’t be able to hop around. Their tail allows them to keep balance and not fall over once they have hopped. Another benefit of the hop is that it is a fast movement and some kangaroos can move at speeds of 60 kmph! The Red kangaroo is the only large animal to move in the hop formation. Interesting FeaturesThe Red kangaroo has many interesting features. These include, the abiltiy to postpone the their pregnancy, the ability to change the mixture of the milk in each teat, and many more. But no matter how many interesting features this animal has, in my eyes, it is truly amazing!Bibliography National Geographic Society 2013 viewed 26 May 2013,,C 2007, 30 Amazing Australian Animals, Random House Australia, Sydney.

A Red Kangaroo Racing across the landscape

(a) A baby Joey hopping back into its mothers pouch

(b) A baby joey that has just been born in it's mothers pouch

A Mother and joey kangaroo in the shade of a tree

By Jessica Smith 6C 2013


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