The Red Baron

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Red Baron

*Was called "The Red Baron" because Richthofen men had the title of Baron and his plane was famously red*Was Germany's leading flying ace*Led a squadron, Jagdstaffel 11*By April 20, 1918 had shot down eighty Allied planes*Was idoled by members of Jagdstaffel 11 and other pilots, who imitated his bright red plane and created "the flying circus," a squadron of very coloruful planes

*Is so renowned that he has a pizza company named after him*Most famous fighter pilot of WW1*Was the best at what he did*Killed a whole bunch of people, changing history

Historical Impact


American War LibraryWorld War 1Flying Acesby John F. Wukovits

The Red Baron Movie Trailer

Birth: Death:May 2, 1892 April 21, 1918 Breslau, Prussia at about 10:45 A.M. near the Somme River in France


Manfred von Richthofen:The Red Baron

*Was a fighter pilot in the German Air Force*One of the top aviators for much of WWI*Shot down 80 Allied planes


* Very wealthy family*Frederick the Great elevated the Richthofens to the upper class and granted them extensive land in Selesia, a part of Prussia, giving Richthofen males the title of baron*His father was an officer in the military*Manfred was the oldest of three boys*As his family's oldest son, Richthofen was destined for a military career

Where:notable in German Air Forcegrew up in Prussia

Connection to WWI


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