The Red Badge of Courage

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The Red Badge of Courage

Henry Fleming

Battle Of Chancellorsville

Stephen Crane


Stephen Crane was born in Newark, New Jersey on November 1, 1871. This story was based on Civil War battles but mainly one of the bloodiest battles- The Battle of Chancellorsville. He suffered many different illnesses such as tuberculosis and malaria and he died at the age of 28 on June 5, 1900.

Henry Fleming is a young man who wants to become a war hero. But realizes war comes with a cost of death.

Henry's first battle as a man

Travis Villafranca11/26/15Period:7,8

This story takes place during the Civil War. Private Henry Fleming joined the 304th New York regiment in hopes of becoming a hero. He soon realizes war has its hardships. He fled for fear of losing his life during the first battle when he saw his friends dying to left and right of him. Later, he found out after the first battle that his regiment lost lots of men, including Henry's friend Jim. Jim died when Henry had joined a group of injured soldiers and Jim ran away from him. When Jim fell down and died Henry saw that his rib cage had been shot away. Later, a group of soldiers came and were advancing to the battlefield. Henry did not want to fight. There were lots of soldiers running from the battle. When Henry asked what was going on a soldier hit him in the head with the butt of a rifle and knocked him out. When he woke up he saw a wagon and twas nearly ran over. But Henry jumped out of the way in time and limped back to his camp. He lied to his friend Tom that he had been shot in the head.They treated him like a hero but he felt guilty for lying.After he rested, he went back to the front line. Later, he and Tom overheard the general calling the regiment a bunch of mule drivers. Soon after Henry had his first battle as a soldier without running away, he fought hard and then picked up the American flag from a dead soldier's hands. He waved it high to inspire the soldiers. Henry and the 304th regiment had won their first battle. After the battle, they got very little time to rest, because they had to join another battle. The next battle he again waved the flag gallantly. During the fight they captured the Confederates’ flag. After those two battles, he realized he had become a man. He knew he was ready for his next battle.The name “Red Badge of Courage” comes from when a soldier is wounded and gets a bloody stain on their uniform or themselves, showing they have been marked by war.THE END

The Red Badge of Courage



The biblical perspective you can see from this story is the change in Henry's attitude throughout the story. At first, he was a coward and is like an unbeliever, weak and afraid. But he begins to mature, like becoming a believer and learning more about God. In the end, after going through war, he became like a man, inspired by the word of God.



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