The Reconstruction Era

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The Reconstruction Era

Hmm... I wonder... What was theReconstructionEra?

What was Recontruction about?

What was Reconstruction?

Before Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 4, 1865, he wanted to have both the North and the South to be together as one country again. He called it Reconstruction. After the war he wanted to show the South mercy and to help rebuild the South. He wanted to show mercy because he wanted them (the South) to come back to the North, in order to be one country again. It started after the Civil war on 1865 'till the year 1877. After Lincoln Was assasinated, The Radical Republicans took over the Reconstruction plan and it became more difficult for the South because they wanted to punish the South for the war.

Reconstruction Video: Explains everything that was in the Reconsrtuction Era

The Reconstruction Era

The Civil Rights Act of 1866

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 enacted on April 9, 1866. The United States federal law was affirmed that all men (incluing the African-American citizens) was to have equal protection under the law. It was intended mainly to protect the laws of the freed African-Americans. This was later formed into the XIV(14th) amendment.

The XV amendment included that "all men (regarding race or color) shall have the rights to vote."

XV Amendment

The XII amendment explained that they would abolish slavery and made it illegal.

XIII Admendment

The XIV Amendment included that " all men (regarding race or color) shall have equal protection by the law."

XIV Amendment

Fredrick Douglass was part of the Reconstruction-era Freedman's Savings Bank as President. Meanwhile, there were Vigilanties out there called the Ku Kux Klan. They operated as "the milititary arm of the Democratic party" against the Replublicans turning out officeholders and disrupting elections. Later on he was elected first African-American to become Vice presient of the U.S

Fredrick Douglass And the Amendments

Freedman's Bureau

The Freedmen's bureau was to help freed slaves with most rights such as medical suppliies if needed, clothes, finding shelter, rights to vote, education, and food. Federal troops were there, in the South, to help protect those rights of the freed African-Americans.

What do you think the most important Amendment is?I think that the XIV Amendment is the most important because I belive that everybody should have equal protection under the law regarding race or color.


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