The Real Thanksgiving

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The Real Thanksgiving

The feast was in October 1621. Because Plymouth Colony only had 7 small homes, the celebration was probably outdoors.

StereotypesAfter about 500 years, there were already many stereotypes.For example, there was November. The first thanksgiving was probably in October. Another was appearance. The Wampanoag did not wear braids, ride horses, or live in tipis.

What actually happened?Most people celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, but what actually happened backwhen the pilgrims and the Wampanoag feasted together? Let's find out!

The REAL Thanksgiving

The pilgrims celebrated thanksgiving to show how grateful they were to the Wampanoag, who helped them survive their second winter by teaching them to grow crops. Unfortunately, on the Pilgrims' first winter, half of them died of starvation. There were about 90 Wampanoag men at the celebration.

FoodAt the original thanksgiving, food that was eaten was wildfowl, such as duck or geese, and crops, such as corn. The feast lasted three days, and the wampanoag and the Pilgrims were entertained with military displays.

A Wampanoag


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