[2015] Gabriel Guevara: The real taco

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[2015] Gabriel Guevara: The real taco

The real taco.

Everybodie has a different idea of how taco looks like, but there is only one way a taco should look.

The origen of the taco come from mexico, in mexicos early day's, Moctezuma(the governor at those days) the leyend says that moctezuma ate tacos and from there the taco become part of the traditional mexican food.

How does a real taco looks like?

Where did it come from?

Why is there so many tipes of tacos?

The original taco was made with corn soft tortillas, beef meat. for the salad-like top we add cilantro, onion, lemmon and sometimes radish, also we add a lot of spicy salsa(maded home) but there is almost infinite ways to make a taco, just use your imagination.

Where you can eat it?

There is real mexican tacos restaurants almost anywhere in the world(motly in mexico), but there is also restaurants like taco bell were yu can eat tacos too(not the original one)


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