The Real Story Of Pocahontas

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The Real Story Of Pocahontas

The Real Story of Pocahontas

Pocahontas was born as the daughter of Chief Powaton. Her real name was Matoaka and Pocahontas was simply a nickname. At age seventeen she was taken prisoner by the English at Jamestown for over a year. While she was a prisoner, John Rolfe took an interest in her and later married Rolfe as a condition of her release. Later Pocahontas had a child named Thomas Rolfe. In 1616 her family left for England where she was famous. A year later when they were leaving Pocahontas left the ship at Gravesend in England and died that same year at age 21.

Pocahontas had very long dark brown hair. She had olive tinted skin and dark brown eyes.


By Hannah Hebda, Abigail Hresko, Grae Gossman, Noah Wardropper, and Dillan Harter


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