The Real Story of Mulan

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The Real Story of Mulan

The Real Story of Mulan

Call To Adventure- Mulan's dad became very sick and weak.Crossing The Threshold- her dad taught her how to ride a horse and use a sword, which was something most girls didnt know how to do.

Temptations/Challenges- war was coming and she knew that if her dad was called he wouldn't be able to survive.

Mulan is a hero because she was brave and selfless. She knew that she could have died but she still went to war so her dad wouldn't have to.

The Abyss- Mulan saw her father's name on the list to go to war. Transformation- Mulan dressed like a boy and put her fathers armor on.

Atonement- She went to war and was rewarded for her outstanding courage.Return To The Ordinary World- Mulan went home with a horse and a bagful of wealth.


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