The Real Question

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The Real Question

The Real Question





Lonny is the brother of Fisher's neighbor and was helping his brother move a couch. One day, Lonny asks Fisher if he wants to come with him to fix his ex-girlfriends roof. And Fisher accepts.

In the story, Fisher is the main character and is tired of doing the same thing all the time like stressing over homework so he decides to go with Lonny when Lonny wants Fisher to come with him. Fisher thinks it will be like an "adventure" for him.

Charlie is Sissy and Lonny's toddler son. He lives with Sissy and does not see Lonny very much. When Lonny and Fisher come to fix the roof, Charlie starts to really like Fisher and always wants to play with him. Fisher starts to act more like a father to Charlie than Lonny does.

Sissy is Lonny's ex-girlfriend and she asked Lonny to come and fix her roof. She works at a diner and makes a meek amount of money her and Charlie to live on. Sissy works very to be the best mother she can be for Charlie. She tries to rely on Lonny for some things but he ends up abondoning her.

"The longest journey begins with a single step."~ Mr. Brown

By Adrian Fogelin


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