The Raven

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The Raven

View Poe's mini-biography, listen to the Raven or read the attached copy of The Raven, and answer these questions including the OER using our regular OER template.

“The Raven” is about a man and his encounter with a raven, an ominous looking bird made more terrifying by the uneasy mental condition of the poem's speaker.Stanza 1.* What was the speaker doing? he was trying ti take a nap.* What condition was he in? weak and weary* What does he say he was doing in line three? he nodded and nearly napping* What did he hear? someone tapping at his door.Stanza 2.* What does the speaker give us to see in the second line? the ghost of the dead* What is the speaker wishing for? the morrow* What had he been doing? With his books? Why? reading them* How was he feeling? Why? lonely and sad because he missed lenore* Who is Lenore? the radient maiden who the angels named* What does the last line mean? that he will never be able to see her againStanza 3.* What vision does the speaker give in the first line? how the curtains were moving* How does he make it seem eerie? by desceibing them that they looked sad* What does he say in the second line? that hes never been this scared* What seems to be happening to him? he is scared because of the chamber door opening* What type of state does he seem to be going into? Why? shocked and frightenedStanza 4.* Does he open the door before or after he speaks? after* What does he find when he opens the door? a visitorStanza 5.* Does he close the door or keep it open? he keeps it opened* What does he see? darkness* What is the darkness like? like nothing* How does it make him feel? makes him wonder,feared, and doubtful* What does he say? lenore* What does he hear? Does he really hear something or is it his imagination? he hears a whisper of lenoreStanza 6.* He has shut the door and moved to the window, how does he open the window? he flungged the shutter* What does he find? a raven* What do you know about Ravens? i just know that theyre are black birds.* How does the speaker say the Raven acted in lines three and four? regular and still* What does the Raven do?he sat there stillStanza 7.* What does the bird do for the speaker in the first line? makes him smile* Knowing what you know about Ravens, how is this ironic? idk know about ravens* Where does the speaker think the bird has come from? Why? the nightly shore* What does the speaker ask the bird? what the lordname is on the Night's Plutonian shore* What does the bird reply?NevermoreStanza 8.* How does the speaker feel about the Raven in his chamber? blessed* Does he think that the bird's presence has any significance? Why/why not? no he doesnt know yetStanza 9* Has the Raven moved since entering the house? no it satyed still* How do you know (L.1 and L.3.)?But the raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust line 1* What does the speaker believe the bird will do? that it will leave him* When does he believe that the bird will leave?on the morrow* What does the bird say?nevermoreStanza 10* What word does the speaker wish to be the last spoken between him and the bird?to clasp a rare and radiant maiden, whom the angels name Lenore* Where does he tell the bird to go? into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore* What does he tell the bird not to leave? blak plune* What is a black plume? evil,death, and fear* What does the speaker imply when he tells the Raven to take its beak from his heart? nevermore* How does the speaker feel about the Raven at this point? scared* Is he still happy to see the bird or does he perhaps wish he had never met him? he wished he never met himStanza 11.* In the last stanza, where is the bird? still at the chambered door* What eerie vision does the speaker give in lines three & four? that it looks like a demon* When else in the poem did he speak of shadows? a lamp light* Who or what might the Raven symbolize? the demon* What does it mean when the speaker says that the shadow on the floor shall be lifted nevermore? (He will always carry his guilt/mourning.) that he will always have that with him no matter what* Who says nevermore? the raven* What conclusions can we draw about what effects the Raven has had on the speaker? frightened and shockedReview and Conclusion questions:* Why did Poe use a Raven instead of another bird? because its a sign of death* What would have happened if he used a blue bird? it wouldnt fit with the story* What is the symbol of a Raven? a demon* When did the speaker become paranoid? Why? when he heard a whisper of lenor* When have you felt paranoid/scared? Why? whenever i feel like im doing something wrong* What movies/TV programs can you think of when a person becomes scared of something outside? horror movies because yu start to believe it and your mind will play tricks with you.* Why would Lenore be at his door if she died? because his mind is playing tricks on him* How do you think she died? he murdered her* How do you feel when you lose something? i try not to think about it if i know i wouldnt be able to get it back* What type of poem was this? (Prose = tells a story.) ghoticLiterary Elements as applied to “The Raven”SETTING* How did the poem begin? with him thinking of lenor* Where was the speaker? sitting on the chair* What types of images did the speaker draw for us? spooky images* What time of year was it? rainy and dark* What type of atmosphere did the speaker make us feel? spooky terryfying one* What type of character was the speaker? he was a paranoid one that would imagine things in his head* What connection can we make between the setting and the speaker? it fits its because its what is going on in his lifeTIME* How long did the poem take place? A day, week, etc.? a day* What reference does the speaker make to the Raven? to leave him alone* What physical objects help to define the time period? the clothes he is wearing and his lifestyle* When was Poe's time?medieval agesPROTAGONIST* Who is the main character? the author* What do we know about him? he is somewhat crazy* By the conclusion of the poem, is he a static or dynamic character? a statci oneANTAGONIST* Who is the ‘bad’ character of the poem? Why? the raven* What does it do to the speaker? gets him scared and sad* By the conclusion of the poem, is he a static or dynamic character? a static oneCONFLICTMan vs. Nature (symbolism of Raven)Man vs. Self (power of the mind/imagination)POINT OF VIEW* Who tells the poem? the authorCLIMAX* Where does the speaker's imagination take control of his mind? when hears the whisperTHEME* If someone is dead, are they dead in all ways? yes* How do you relate to the story? that if you think of something and if you believe then you will think its real.OTHER CHARACTERS* Lenore? the wifeOERWhat feelings, emotions, and mood does Poe attempt to communicate in 'The Raven'? he is sad

Look for the gothic literary elements in this video ~


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