The Rainforest

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The Rainforest

There are some tree adaptations, such as:1.Smooth, thin bark2.Large sizesAlso, some medicines come from the rainforest. Here are some examples.1.Curare(antisthetic, relax muscles during surgery)2. Rosy periwinkle(99% chance of putting lukemia into remission)3.Quinine(cure to malaria), shown in picture below.

Oxygen is an example of an abiotic factor.

Abiotic Factors

Each rainforest has different types of monkeys. They also have different species. There are 3 large rainforests: The Asian, the American, and the African.

The RainforestSource: Blue Planet Biomes


Glogster by Sophia Chung

Abiotic factors are the nonliving things that make up an ecosystem, such as: Water, rain, oxygen, and heat.

You can find rainforests in Central America(Amazon), Africa(Madagascar ' Zaire), and Indo-Malaysia, tiny explorer.

Where can I find rainforests?

Leaf Adaptations:Leaves in the canopy have adaptations that help them survive the rainforest, such as:1. Drip tips2. Oily coatings3. "Shield" leavesUnderstory leaves have to catch sunlight, too. Here are some leaf adaptations from the understory:1. Very large leaves2. Leaf stalks that change with the movement of the sun3.Dark green, small and leatherySome leaves in the understory are dark because dark colors absorb more sunlight.Canopy leaves arae very oily and curled to release excess rain."Shield" leaves act like...a shield. They let water drip off them like an umbrella.

The rainforest ecosystem gets about 50-260 inches of rain each year and is very humid and hot because it is mostly near the equator. It is full of plant and animal life (biotic and abiotic factors).


BIOTIC FACTORSBiotic factors are the living things that make up an ecosystem, such as animals. Here are some animals that live in the rainforest ecosystem:Forest elephant, tiger, chimpanzee, musang, dawn bat, lions, harpy eagle, jambu fruit doves, king cobra, kinkajou, sloth, orangutan, monkeys rhinos, vampire bats and vipers. The tiger above is a biotic factor.

The flower above is bougainvillea. It grows where the grass is greenest. It is a vine. Bougainvilllea likes to cling to other plants and reach sunlight.

The "Layers"There are 4 layers in a rainforest: the forest floor, understory, canopy, and emergent. Each layer has different plants and animals of unique kinds. The picture below is the canopy.

Humans are a THREAT to tropical rainforests. Every day, more than 1 acre of trees are cut down. We should preserve rainforests, not freakishly DESTROY them! Humans should work hard to help the rainforest. It is a place of natural beauty. Go Green for once, humans!


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