The Rainforest

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The Rainforest

The humidity in rainforests is caused because 80% of the air has moisture in it. It has a lot of misture because the rainforest can have more than 200 thunderstorms a year!

Humidity of the Rainforest

Animals of the rainforest include jaguars, three toed sloths, hyacinth macaws, golden lion tamarins, poison dart frogs, howler monkeys, monarch butterflys, binturongs, assasin bugs, bonobos, anacondas, cassowary's and chlamydosaurus.

The plants that live in the rainforest and provide our oxygen are called drip leaves, Buttress roots, Thin, waxy leaves, Branchless trees, Emergent tree's, Coconut tree, Bengal bamboo, Curare, Kapok tree, Tualang, Strangler figs and Lianas.

The rainforest is facing many challanges. For example people are cutting down trees for land, paper, roads and minerals for medicine. This is a threat because the rainforest gives us 28% of our oxygen.

Special Plants of the Rainforest



Temperate rainforests are found in the Pacific Coast of North America, Oregon, Alaska, Southeast coast of Chile, Small areas in the United Kingdom, Norway,Japan, New Zealand and Southern Australia. Tropical rainforests are found in Latin America, Brazil, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and West Africa.

Tropical Rainforest

Temperate Rainforest

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Food chains in the rainforest are very important. One example of a food chain in the rainforest is the grass gets eaten by a butterfly, the butterfly gets eaten by a boa, the boa gets eaten by the orangatang and the orangitang gets eaten by the jaguar. After a little while the jaguar dies and then gets eaten by decomposers.

Many living things in the rainforest have specialized adaptations. For example plants in the rainforest have shallow roots to help capture the nutrients from the top level of soil.

The rainforest has four sections. They are called the forest floor, understory layer, canopy layer and the emergent layer.



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