The Raft

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The Raft

The Raft by S.a Bodeen



RobieShs's a teenager girl.who's stuck on a raft with Max,who is very injured.They are trying to find a way back home.


Quotes & Thoughts

MaxHis's a man who survived in the plane crash with Robie.He's well injured from the head.He's unconscions and sleeps all through out the book.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Plot Summary;This book is about a girl name Robie.Who goes to her aunts house to stay over.When she's there she gets scared and runs off the next morning to catch a plane back home.When she's going home the plane crashes and she's stranded alone with Max trying to survive and get back home.

Quote 2Robie - the island was small, thats for sure, and if I had to guess, i'd say it was probably Lisianski.

Quotes 1Robie - The G-1 bounched all over, and then we went into a dive, so steep my belly strained against the seat belt, and then I couldnt do annything but hold my hands over my face and scream into them.

My thoughts about this book: It's a really good book I could say I would recommendat to people who dont know what book to read.

I'll give this book a five star rating.


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