The R-Word

by KaraCannelli
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The R-Word

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The "R-Word HURTS.....

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A Pledge For Meg: One of my best friends Meg is a sweet girl with a kind heart. Always willing to listen to your problems. She also has Cerebral Palsy. Hers is not severe enough to cause mental handicaps, but people treat her like it is. She often gets called this word due to strangers not understanding CP & "friends" that know it hurts her. I worked with special needs kids in HS & have never forgotten those sweet faces. I realized people are saying Meg is like those people, but they're saying it to insult her. They don't see the kind hearts or genuine love that this cynical jaded world needs more of. Nope, they just see another R-word. It hurts them & it hurts Meg so I took this pledge for her, for them & because we need to understand that those we call that word, or use it around KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. They know what we're saying. And it hurts them. (Written By: Azriel from Washington)

Spread the word to end the word!

Let's Make A New R-Word:

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